Remember the business rule “little and often”

A while back a colleague said to me, “I like to do things little and often – that way they don’t take over my life and I stay on top of stuff.”

Whether it is in the office or at home most things in life if you do them little and often will manage themselves.  Now although this may seem obvious – how many of us are guilty of leaving things just that little bit too long  which results in us spending unnecessary time trying to sort stuff out which instead of taking a few minutes, now is likely to take a few hours.

Think about it.  If you do stuff little and often stuff – whatever that stuff is, it never gets to the point where you can not find anything, or more likely, that you can not find the particular thing that you desperately need to find.  A good example is expenses. If you do these weekly it is far less onerous and stressful experience than leaving it for three months where you are likely to have to trawl back through your diary and work out where you were and what you were doing as well as tracking down the correct receipt.

The thing is – that most of the “stuff” we put to one side and don’t do as often as we should is because it is boring, not urgent at the moment or we just don’t enjoy doing it.  All of these are also valid reasons for actually doing this “stuff” more often.

This does not just apply to expenses any number of projects. If you keep things up to date little and often “stuff” will run better, become more effective, accurate and actually end up probably taking less time.  And you can almost guarantee that the things you have not kept up to date with will suddenly become of critical urgency at the very same time as something else which is even more important.

So the “little and often rule”, is a good mantra when your time is short.  It helps you prioritise the things which are not urgent yet, but will need a little attention soon.

So remember the rule “little and often.”

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