Business coaching

Business coaching, 1:1 Bespoke sales training – mentoring

Helping companies optimise their sales and customer service

We offer business coaching and 1:1 bespoke sales training working with each member of staff on an individual basis which has a number of benefits. The training and mentoring will be focused on the particular employee’s level of expertise and the aspects of the role that you (the business owner), and they, the employee need to develop.

For example, this may be working on an employees’s time management or organisational skills. Alternatively, the training may require developing strategies to build stronger client relationships or confidence.

Working with individuals ensures less disruption in the office as the sessions normally last for a maximum of one and a half hours.

It also makes the team member (and me as the coach/trainer) more accountable as it allows all parties to be able review an employee’s progress whilst providing on-going support.

1:1 Bespoke sales training – mentoring

  • 1:1 Bespoke sales training/mentoring
  • Business coaching for busy business owners
  • Business coaching for staff who have recently joined or been promoted
  • Creating more pro-active telephone sales/customer service/sales team
  • Working with customer service teams to improve client and employee relationships
  • Time management and organisational mentoring/coaching
  • Parent / work life balance coaching

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