Business support

We provide business support and analysis to companies who are looking to optimise their sales and business processes.  This may mean working with the staff providing business coaching or analysis of the business processes and CRM systems which support these functions.

Business development- CRM systems- client management – sales teams

This could be by working with the sales and customer service staff or examining the accuracy and effectiveness of the business processes and how they can be improved.  This as a busy MD or manager can sometimes be difficult to find the time to do – and yet can make a significant difference to the profitability of a company.

Companies are always looking for ways to increase their efficiency but quite often do not have the objectivity, time or resource to scrutinise these processes in detail and take action to deliver the improvements they wish to make. This is where we can help.

We work with the staff and the systems that support them

This may require reviewing how initial sales enquiries are recorded and followed up or working with senior staff managing major clients.

We work for you – you tell us what you want to achieve and then we put in place a programme of actions that we refine and discuss with you the client.

This may include:

• Expedite existing projects or tighten up known loopholes
• Action projects which have been delayed due to time constraints
• Establish where opportunities to increase client retention / repeat sales exist
• 1:1 bespoke sales training /mentoring to cross or add value to existing clients.
• Business coaching for staff who require support/ training
• Help with time management and organisational procedures
• Review / evaluate customer service, sales cycle and employee communication
• Review CRM systems to ensure they are accurate and up to date
• Provide on-going sales mentoring and support for sales personel.

Benefits of using Groves & Associates

Work with both the staff and the systems that support these functions
Examine the whole sales process from start to finish (first enquiry to service delivery)
Flexible collaborative support – on-going or by project
Costs agreed in advance
Objective – a fresh pair of eyes
Confidentiality internally and externally
Projects designed around the client
Experienced sales professional – understands the challenges, pressures and motivators

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