Sales & Admin Analysis

Optimising Sales – Client management systems & administration processes

Most MD’s or senior managers have a suspicion that their sales process could be improved. However, having the time to drill down and establish what is really happening can be difficult and time consuming research to undertake. It is also likely to involve moving key staff away from their primary roles which could affect staff moral and ironically sales.

How we can help

Analyse/ evaluate your current sales and business process

• Make sure that client information is accurate and up date
• Information is not duplicated
• All sales enquiries are followed up
• The internal processes are not getting in the way of the sales process
• Analysis of new business, client retention and repeat business
• Help with implementing new systems or updating existing business processes
• Ensure opportunities to add value or cross sell to existing clients are actioned
• Undertake projects to tighten up known loopholes

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