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The negative effects of driving

The negative effects of driving with work and commuting. When we spend a great deal of our time commuting or driving between appointments – do you consider the long term impact this can take on your general health and wellbeing. We may not be able to do much about our commute or the kind of… Read more »

Increase productivity with good time management

Increase productivity with good time management

It maybe startlingly obvious but good time management is an essential ingredient to increasing productivity and profitability. In an age when we are expected to process information at an ever-increasing rate it is easy to either bury yourself in admin, operate in fire fighting mode, or do everything just in the nick of time. Not… Read more »

Whatever we focus on gets bigger

If we are not careful whatever we focus on gets bigger and bigger and then becomes our own self fulfilling prophesy. Now that is good if we are focusing on something good happening in our life, but scarily bad if all we can focus on is negative stuff that is worrying us. If you are… Read more »

Review what you do well

Review what you do well.  Too often we stress and focus on our disasters and fail to actually sit back and think about things that we have done well. Reviewing the things you have done well, does not necessarily mean big or important things in your life.  This review can take in anything and everything…. Read more »

Why you should hire an apprentice

I was forwarded the following blog on why you should hire an apprentice. I do think that apprenticeships have been very under valued in the past few years. It would seem to make sense to take someone on and train them up to your companies specification. So here it is along with a break down… Read more »

Someone in a mood with you

Most of us have been a victim of other people’s moods and have experienced negative behaviour from someone– and not been able to work out quite what we have done to upset them. The thing is their negative moods may simply be an expression of their negative thoughts. And their negative thoughts maybe about something… Read more »

Remember the business rule “little and often”

A while back a colleague said to me, “I like to do things little and often – that way they don’t take over my life and I stay on top of stuff.” Whether it is in the office or at home most things in life if you do them little and often will manage themselves…. Read more »

Richard Branson – effective to do lists

I have always been a great believer in making lists – but now here it is from the King of entrepreneurs – Richard Branson. This was taken from a tweet at the beginning of the year. Here are 10 simple steps for making a list that you will be able to stick to: 1.   Write down… Read more »

Effective time management & customer service

Today I would like to have a moan about a particularly annoying habit, linked to an event, which is irritating me so much I feel like I am losing the will to live. It is something which I am sure you will have experienced at some point too. So what has got my goat? Well… Read more »

Always seem to be running late

If you find yourself constantly playing catch-up, running late, or generally find life is running you and you are not running your life – then  STOP catch your breath and take control. There are some very simple steps you need to take – and one very important rule you need to adhere to. “Invoke the… Read more »