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How to make your own luck

There is no such thing as luck.  Luck is when opportunity meets preparation. I heard that quote a very long time ago.  At the time it really struck a chord with me – which is why I am sure I remembered the words. I found it very empowering.  To me, it meant that I could… Read more »

The ten minute time saving rule

This little time saving tip can really help you make the most of your time even when you think you don’t have any free time. How much can you do in ten minutes.  You might be surprised at how many little jobs take less than ten minutes.I ask this question because in my own quest… Read more »

Habits – how they impact our lives

I have just read this thought provoking quote. “We first make our habits and then our habits make us”. This was a very interesting quote to read as we have had someone staying with us for a few days who is an example of how someone’s habits have made them into the person they are –… Read more »

The little and often rule in business

A very organised friend of mine shared this little pearl of wisdom some years ago. “I like to do things little and often – that way they get done, don’t take over my life and I stay on top of stuff.” Whether it is at home, in the garden or at work with any given… Read more »

Make sure technology is a good servant not a bad master

New technologies have revolutionised the way we live and have allowed us to pack much more into each day.  And there are some obvious examples, like being able to do the families weekly shop online, while we watch TV, or check  the web cam at nursery to see what our child is up to, while… Read more »