Crohn’s disease survivor Jasmine Stacey launches lingerie range

Crohn’s disease survivor Jasmine Stacey wanted publicity to mark the launch of her new lingerie range. But despite her best efforts she had been unable to get any media exposure. After reviewing her press release we made some changes and were able to secure her the coverage she was after.

Here’s the press release:

Crohn’s disease survivor Jasmine Stacey has launched a new luxury lingerie that allows women with stoma bags to feel sexy again.

The 24-year-old, who had an operation to remove part of her intestine in 2011 to keep her alive, says she was inspired to come up with her stylish brand after discovering there was little choice of seductive garments for women in her position.

Determined to help others like herself and show you can still be beautiful despite undergoing the life changing procedure, Jasmine believes her items will boost the self-confidence of those who wear it.

Jasmine, of Bournemouth, has suffered with Crohn’s disease, which causes inflammation of the lining of the digestive system, for 14 years. Surgery left her needing an ileostomy bag to move waste out of the body because her colon was unable to function properly.

While having to come to terms with her ordeal was hard enough, her situation was compounded by the reality that she could no longer wear attractive underwear.

“I was 20 when I had the operation and missed the lingerie I used to have before surgery,” Jasmine said. “After looking around I realised that there was nothing similar and decided to create my own collection after gaining my London fashion accreditation.

“I want to take the stigma away from having a stoma bag and prove you can still be sexy with underwear.

“I want to get the message out there that it is not as bad as people think and that young people have stoma bags as well as old people.”

She added: “We hope our underwear is stylish without being flimsy and empowers women to feel confident whether they have stoma bags, scars, or simply want more stomach control. The lingerie is designed for all types of women in mind.”

Awareness of Crohn’s disease was recently raised in the national press when a group of 11 sufferers, including Jasmine, appeared in a raunchy photo shoot wearing underwear showing off their stoma bags for charity Purple Wings, which supports bowel disease.

The roaring success of the campaign has reaffirmed that the pouches, similar to colostomy bags, are no obstacle to being beautiful.

Jasmine’s lingerie, created from the finest British silk, takes inspiration from current catwalk trends with its ultra­feminine and daring identity.

Jasmine Stacey Collection will be on offer at the upcoming trade market The Lingerie Edit at the Savoy Hotel in London in January, which will be attended by many leading stores and boutiques.

Response to press release

This above press release by Groves & Associates resulted in widespread coverage both nationally and internationally that saw sales for Jasmine Stacey Collection massively boosted.

Here’s some of the publications it appeared in:

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