Examples of work

Examples of writing and PR campaigns

• This article was a feature for News Corporation on cult film Back to the Future which was celebrating its 30th anniversary recently. Attending the event in London, I interviewed cast members before writing up their recollections of the blockbuster film.

News Corporation – Back to the Future

• Crohn’s disease survivor Jasmine Stacey was launching a luxury brand of lingerie to cater for women with stoma bags. But despite her best efforts, she was unable to secure any publicity online or in local and national press.

After reviewing her press release, we realised changes needed to be made. We then pitched the story to media contacts which led to widespread coverage in various national newspapers, including the Daily Mail and Daily Star. Her story quickly spread across the UK and around the world after being picked up by other sources, which led to a significant increase in sales.


• The Vintners’ Company, the spiritual home of the UK wine trade, has an array of distinguished members. Former Prime Minister Lady Thatcher was among those before she passed away. The Vintners were fortunate enough to be invited to her funeral, which we wrote up for the organisation’s website with quotes from the Master Vintner who attended.


• Leading online chef magazine The Staff Canteen wanted a feature on a topical subject that would appeal to its readers – resulting in me coming up with a piece about the eating habits of the army. After being granted access to a serving veteran chef I explored the unusual challenges faced when cooking for large groups of soldiers, particularly in war zones, and the vital aspect food plays on the morale of troops.


• Rock band Western Sand wanted to publicise their new album following an event at a prestigious music venue. Writing up a glowing review of their performance for a leading online rock site, we were able to highlight the launch of the album. We’ve also been able to get the band coverage on other sites and local newspapers when they have something to shout about.



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