How to make your own luck

There is no such thing as luck.  Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.

I heard that quote a very long time ago.  At the time it really struck a chord with me – which is why I am sure I remembered the words.

I found it very empowering.  To me, it meant that I could be the destiny of my own good fortune. I did not have to wait for my fairy godmother to appear and grant my wishes. I could make them happen myself by making sure I was prepared – and ready to grab the opportunities life presented to me when they appeared unannounced and without warning.

Of course some people do seem to be born lucky, or are in the right place at the right time …..or are they?

When you investigate a little further you will nearly always find that these people were in the right place because they saw that potentially there was or is  an opportunity and they did whatever they needed to do to be in the “right place”.

Now when I am talking lucky, I could be talking about absolutely anything.  But in actual fact most of the time when you examine those “lucky” people, stuff has not just happened to them, it has come about often with planning, hard-work and focus on their end goal.

They may also keep going when others face an obstacle which stops them getting to where they want to be.

A small successful business man said to me recently – that he was often told how lucky he was to have such a successful business in the current climate.  His  comment was “I find the harder I work the luckier I am”.

Remember you really can make your own luck in life. It may not be easy – it may not happen overnight.  Just remember. There is no such thing as luck.  Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.

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