Review what you do well

Review what you do well.  Too often we stress and focus on our disasters and fail to actually sit back and think about things that we have done well.

Reviewing the things you have done well, does not necessarily mean big or important things in your life.  This review can take in anything and everything. Bad habits, dealing with difficult people or meetings.

By spending some time analysing the things that have gone well – and dissecting why and how that came about, we can learn a lot about ourselves.  We can also work out what works, and what motivates us.

Whether it is a technical challenge in the office that you were able to resolve, or dealing successfully with a client, there will have been a process.  It may have been quite accidental – but the process will still be there. And if you can work out what that process is and repeat and refine it as necessary, that information will be there to support you in the future when a challenging situation arises again.

So think about what you have done well or improved upon in the past year. How did that happen?  What steps accidental or planned did you take to make that happen.

Taking the example of the difficult client. What were the steps you took to resolve the situation?  How much time did you allow?  What mood were you in?  What steps did you take to try to prevent the same problem arising again. Do you continue taking these same steps going forward.

All these elements would have a part to play in your review of how it helped to create a good outcome. Recognising, analysing and remembering the things you have done well the next time things are not quite going according to plan will help you better deal with the current challenge that you are faced with.

Remember – always review what you have done well.

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