Case studies

Client Need

Improving customer service

A rapidly growing company had become concerned about the number of complaints they were receiving. They had made initial investigations and knew that their customer service levels had dropped and they needed to rectify this speedily and establish the underlying causes.

After an initial review and discussion of our findings we established some anomalies in their sales processes which were leading to duplication of information and mistakes. This had happened as a result of the company expanding so rapidly, new staff being taken on and there not being sufficient time allowed to train them on the products and internal systems.


Having established the root causes of the problem we worked with the staff to ensure that more effective induction and ongoing training and mentoring programs were put in place.

We also put in place an agreed service level agreement for the company to adhere to which ensured when delays/mistakes occurred that systems were in place to improve communication with the client and that all complaints were red flagged. Under the guidance of the senior management team we created a clear and accountable escalation procedure for the staff to follow .

We then worked alongside them to ensure that the process was bedded in successfully.

Client Need

Staff Productivity Review

The Director of this company believed that given the sales figures over the summer months – a quieter period for this business – the customer service staff should not be claiming that they were as busy as they were during the winter.

We reviewed their administration processes and online data base that recorded details of transactions and discovered that the customer service team were having to make repeated and unnecessary calls to the clients. This was due to several factors. Firstly, the telephone sales team had failed to collect all the required information on the first in-coming call. Secondly the engineer who was visiting the site was not contacting the client directly but the customer service team who was then liaising back to the customer.

Establishing the above events were happening on a regular basis led to the knock on effect of many unnecessary calls, both from sales team to the clients and often from engineers to sales team resulting in the customer service team not being available to answer incoming calls from clients. This was impacting on customer service.


Reduce the number of calls by educating /mentoring engineers to call/ text clients directly. Have a policy of first time fix e.g. one call to collect all the information. Ensuring the information on the database had clarity. Monitor to ensure that the process was working correctly.

Client Need

Business coaching / Mentoring

A newly promoted member of staff was struggling with the administrative processes of her new and busy job along with managing some key members of her team. This was impacting her efficiency within her new role and was of concern to her employer who set me and the staff member a number of objectives to work towards.

The employer felt it was more beneficial for me to undertake this member of staff’s development due to his own time constraints along with the potential impact it could have on the relationship with this member of staff.


Working with the staff member we developed some organisational strategies which she could “buy into” that would help her become more organised and as a result more efficient. Over time her confidence and energy levels increased and this along with the regular support I was able to offer helped her develop the skills and assertiveness needed to manage her team. Her employer was delighted at the outcome.

Client Need

Sales Efficiency Review

The owner of this business believed that sales leads they were receiving from their advertising campaign were not being followed up consistently. The owner also wanted to be able to track the success and hit rate of these enquiries.


Working with their CRM system and the sales enquiries they were receiving we were able to determine the level of outgoing calls the sales team were making to follow up these initial enquiries.

The results were as the director of the business believed – the follow up strategy was poor and inconsistent. We worked together to implement systems that incentivised the sales team to follow these enquiries up and sales training / mentoring to help the team to become more proactive and effective with their follow up campaigns.