Whatever we focus on gets bigger

If we are not careful whatever we focus on gets bigger and bigger and then becomes our own self fulfilling prophesy.

Now that is good if we are focusing on something good happening in our life, but scarily bad if all we can focus on is negative stuff that is worrying us.

If you are worrying about stuff, your mind is in worry mode which is very draining. And whether you believe in self-fulfilling prophesy’s exist or not – the chances are if you believe something is going to be difficult the chances are guess what, it will be.

Well you may argue it is difficult because it is a challenge. The truth is if we believe something is difficult, or even impossible, the likelihood we are going to think ourselves into it being even more difficult if not impossible to achieve, whether it is
or not.

There are many big examples through history of things being deemed impossible. Roger Bannister and the four-minute mile is a well documented example.

Everyone believed it was impossible for a human to run so fast. But once Roger Bannister had broken the record many people have run a mile in even less time.

On a more day-to-day basis, even the smallest problems, can be dismissed as too difficult and guess what we make our lives more challenging and limit ourselves by believing that is just the way things are.

One of the reasons for this is our brains shut down and do not seek solutions to whatever is limiting us. We also subconsciously collect information to confirm our beliefs.

A good example is when you have bought a new car, you suddenly start seeing “your car” wherever you go. It isn’t that there are suddenly more of your make and model of cars on the road. It is just that you have collected this information in your subconscious about “your car”.

So whether it is finding a car parking space, or having a great holiday, if we believe that is what is going to happen, chances are it probably will.

If your subconscious chatter is telling you that you are that everything is gloom and doom, chances are those thoughts will influence the direction your life takes and the decisions you make.

Try instead of focusing on the problems, to focus on solutions, the actions you can take and the good stuff you have in your life. This will help you feel more positive, become more creative and develop resilience.

Give yourself positive “can do” goals that focus on positive outcomes and be mindful that whatever you focus on gets bigger and better. And wouldn’t that be so good!

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