Writing the best blog posts for Google

Writing the best blog posts for Google is perhaps far easier than you may think.

If readers enjoy your blog posts then so too will Google, which frowns upon keyword stuffing and other techniques designed merely to manipulate the system to drive as much traffic as possible to a site.

Your best bet, therefore, is to focus on your readers and produce posts that are useful to them, while being easily understandable. Include keywords in the title while making sure this best sums up the article. Now is not the time to be mysterious.

After you’ve made sure you’ve include your main search terms in the title always keep in mind who you are writing for in the context of your article – your customers. Your blogs are a chance to explain things to your readers.

You have contact with your customers every day, so you know the areas they may need help with or that interests them. Your customers are unlikely to be the only people who have questions about those things, which means you’re adding value to potential customers too.

Remember, if you can inform or entertain your reader in a blog post, they’re far more likely to share it through their social media accounts. That means more readers and more links to your blog.

The best policy is to write naturally about your subject matter and, if you’re doing that properly, you should find yourself using relevant keywords along the way rather than obsessing about stuffing in as many as possible because you think Google will like it.

It’s worth remembering that blogging is a long term game so don’t expect instant results. You could be up against sites that have been blogging for years.

Keep writing fresh, engaging content and you’ll start to see the results in time with growing numbers of people coming to your site.

But don’t underestimate the value of your blog in the short-term either, with it providing your customers – and potential customers – with useful content that will help build trust and ensure they carry on using you; or convince them to use you.

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